The COACH Dandenong Hub

Impacting the City of Dandenong

Dandenong is a vibrant multicultural community in the south-east of Melbourne with many strengths but is also regarded as the most marginalised local government area in the state of Victoria. Therefore, in 2018 COACH launched a partnership with the Salvation Army to mobilise a large team of Mentors to support families doing it tough in the City.
It was with some reluctance that LifeCare COACH deployed its highly valued and skilled team leader, Paul Beddoes, to lead this initiative. He was a highly valued member of that team but was absolutely the right person for the job. He became known as the “Special Agent” in Dandenong and unsurprisingly, given Paul’s tenacious and caring character, as well as his excellent community work skills the partnership has been a resounding success. At least, this has been the view partners at the Salvation Army who I had the benefit of meeting yesterday. They fed back that COACH Mentors are recruited from four churches which were directly benefiting some of their most vulnerable clients. They also commented on how much they appreciated having Paul as support to broader-case management in crisis teams in Dandenong.

A recent COACH Participant shares her story about the impact her Mentor has made on her life.

“My journey with the Coach Program began when I  was in a place where I was rebuilding my life. After leaving an abusive partner, I was lacking confidence and self-worth. I had anxiety with being outdoors and around people. Whilst dealing with all those things, deep down, I really wanted to be a happy and positive parent for newborn baby.

I was very fortunate to have met Christy who supported and mentored me. Who I connected and became friends with.  She just had a baby, a few weeks older than my son. We connected on both of us being mothers, We both loved shopping. I felt very inspired by how much she was achieving in her life while having the demands of being a wife & a mother of two children.

After our mentoring sessions and talking to her, I remember always going home, feeling so uplifted and motivated to achieving my goals. Christy has helped me get my child care certificate, get a great job in child care, rebuild my confidence and change the way I see myself and others.
Without the support of the Coach program! I am not sure if I would be where I am today.”

COACH Dandenong Participant

Please join us to celebrate this empowerment of churches and other partners to make a difference in a pretty challenging community led by Paul Beddoes.