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COACH Network partners are provided with tailored & professional support so they can implement the COACH Network initiatives effectively in their community.

Support includes:

Providing robust training for Mentors based on adult learning theory with core units covering Introduction to Mentoring & Boundaries, Values and Risk. Depending on the target community, additional training units are provided on understanding families, youth, kids & ex-offenders.

• Operational support, including the provision of a comprehensive operations manual, policies & procedures.

• Ongoing Support via regular consultations, including monthly phone conferences, video blogs & annual regional visits.

• Engaging with churches & other sources of volunteers in order to recruit & screen mentors.

• Engaging the community & developing local referral networks for the program’s participants.

• Branding support & marketing to the community & potential mentors.

• Fundraising consultation (if needed) to raise funds for program. 

• An eight-step implementation plan.

COACH Community Mapping

COACH doesn’t take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to working with our partners to seek transformation in their local communities. We believe it is of foundational importance to begin by really listening to what is happening in each local context, and mapping both the strengths and the needs facing your local community.

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