Financial COACH

Financial COACH is a one-to-one financial literacy and mentoring program aimed at supporting people to achieve their financial goals and develop their financial skills and habits.

“Having someone meet with you regularly, listening and offering support, has been so helpful - it has helped me change my spending habits for the good!”

1 %
of participants said the program was useful
1 %
improvement in participants knowledge & decision making
1 %
improved their financial wellbeing
1 %
achieved their goals

The Financial COACH Program is a one-to-one mentoring program with proven results and has been impacting the lives of people since 2013.

Participants will be supported and challenged to:

start budgeting
change habits
improve confidence
& much more

Participants will address their:
income & expenses
saving & spending habits

"I have learnt tips and tricks for saving, spending and how to set realistic goals without restricting myself. My money and finances no longer cause me anxiety and I feel so grateful for all of my Mentor’s time."

To find out more about the Financial COACH Program please contact:
Rob Cummings
Phone: +61 3 9886 3899 (ext. 3820)