What people are saying about COACH

The COACH Community Mentoring program has significant credibility and is endorsed by key leaders in the sector.

  • World Vision CEO, Tim Costello
  • Greg Hunt, Federal MP, Minister for Health and Sport
  • Dr Darshini Ayton, Research Fellow at Monash University
  • Peter Norden, Adjunct Professor, Global, Urban and Social Studies

Participant Endorsements

“I am so lucky to be connected with the COACH program… I love the influence my Mentors have had because they are… all good, kind, encouraging, helpful, reliable, honest and always so nice!”

“I have learned how to budget and that has taken a lot of the stress away from my life.” Read more… 

“Youth COACH is really good because it gives the boys someone else to teach them what to do, steering them in the right direction. They haven’t got a father figure in their life and Will is like a big brother to them.” Read more…

“I think the whole family has benefitted… With Heather’s help, I am managing stress a lot better than I was.  I’m not using marijuana to cope, the household is more peaceful and I am able to attend to the needs of baby Chloe in a more positive way.” Read more… 

“My whole family was embraced… Now my life is so different. My heart is open to new possibilities, I feel focused and strong and a part of the community. We can’t do it alone, no-one can.” Read more… 

Mentor Endorsements

Program Coordinator, Deb Anderson:
“Kevin’s greatest attribute is his listening skills and ability to empower Jackson to make his own choices. He never pushed Jackson to do something he wasn’t interested in.” Read more… 

Children’s Mentor, Melbourne:
“I started my kids’ coach journey with a little girl in Year 3. She was quite a handful to say the least – tears, tantrums, defiance and hyperactivity to name but a few challenges – and I often wondered if I was making any difference at all. Fast forward four years later, and I’m attending her Year 6 graduation and watching her receive the Rotary Club of Forest Hill Youth Achievement Award for leadership, character and overcoming her fears. In those four years, I watched her develop into a fun, caring, kind, helpful and loyal person who displayed leadership qualities and who was looked up to by her peers.”