Together Empowering Refugees into Employment

Together Powering Refugees &
Humanitarian Entrants Into Employment


Partnering together with Social Engine and L’Arte Central this exciting new initiative aims to place vulnerable adults who are refugees and humanitarian entrants into work placements in social enterprises and provide individual mentoring to equip them to enter sustainable employment.
This project is targeted to support and empower refugee communities in Greater Dandenong and the City of Casey, the local government areas with some of the largest refugee and humanitarian entrant populations respectively in Victoria.

Some of the enterprise and employment opportunities include work in floristry, warehouse logistics, printing, cafés and catering.

The unique features of this project include participants being matched with a COACH Mentor and Work Supervisor who journey with them until 6 months of employment is achieved. English language skills are developed in real-world contexts, building confidence so they can achieve long-term employment.

Social Engine’s mission is to build life skills and provide work experience that enables ‘at risk’ young people to secure real jobs.

Social Engine is a “work-integrated social enterprise” that strives to create practical and relevant employment experience that assists to transition at-risk youth successfully to the open employment market.

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L’Arte Central is a social enterprise Cafe, Florist, and Art space based in Cranbourne East. 

L’Arte provides hands-on training and work experience in a variety of areas including meal preparation in our commercial kitchen and assisting with corporate catering, making coffee in the cafe, and preparing floral arrangements in our florist.

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