Empowered Faith Communities – in partnership with the Baptist Union of Victoria

This year we are fortunate to be able to share and celebrate some new key Partnerships with you all. Our Empowered Faith Communities (EFC) initiative led by Mark Matthews, is a new program launching this year in partnership with the Baptist Union of Victoria. The EFC concept centres on community gatherings in and amongst people living in poverty.

Empowerment is central to the model, underpinned by proven principles for sustainable, long term flourishing. Empowerment and community development is central to the model underpinned by proven practices for sustainable long-term flourishing. EFCs move away from a benevolence and charitable model to an empowered and ownership model. Being part of a caring, like-minded community is essential for human flourishing. To find out more contact Mark Matthews or visit https://efc.coachnetwork.org/

Seeing people in tough places flourish through community.