Support people in tough places to flourish

At COACH Network, we’ve partnered with 300+ churches, mobilised 1,500+ mentors, and witnessed incredible transformations. More than statistics, these are stories of human journeys from isolation to purpose. As we mark 20 years of impact, we invite you to join our newest giving initiative and help us expand our impact by supporting our work financially.  

There are a significant and growing number of people in our local communities feeling overwhelmed and trapped by experiences like mental health challenges, financial pressure, housing insecurity, lack of purpose and social isolation.  

Your giving is needed to create opportunities for them to journey towards a fuller life through receiving long term relational support, find hope for a better future and be empowered to set goals and achieve lasting positive change. You will be equipping and inspiring a growing movement of churches and organisations to walk alongside those doing it tough in their local communities, inspired by the example and call of Jesus.  

Will you join us in empowering people to flourish and achieve life-transforming change?