COVID 19 Update

An Important Update

The purpose of these guidelines are to simply articulate expected practices of COACH programs in light of the current COVID-19 situation. Your local program should meet or exceed your current federal national, or state and territorial government directives and the directives articulated in this policy.

Our proposed standards outlined below have changed since 19/3/20 and may again change in accordance with any changing directives from your national government:

COACH Training Events

On-Line Training

  • For any program manager or coordinator that is planning to facilitate new mentor training. In this current circumstance, we suggest a modified version of day one training.
  • We suggest that group online training via zoom or skype is the best and safest method.
  • All of the activities that typically require trainees to work within close proximity to one another will need to be modified.
  • You can use your discretion as to how to impart and facilitate the necessary information in accordance with our training plan. 

Face to Face Training

In accordance with community expectations that we should do our best to limit physical social contact to essential meetings only, we now recommend no face to face training.

Mentor Team Gatherings

We are actively discouraging non-essential meetings and suggest that group online training via zoom or skype is the best and safest method. We now recommend there is to be no face to face gatherings.

Mentor and Participant – and six Monthly Review Meetings

We now recommend there is to be no face to face personal meetings

Home visits are not allowable. Mentoring and Relationship Review meetings can occur by Phone Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

School-Based Mentoring

  • At this stage, schools are closed for holidays. Therefore no one to one mentoring should be taking place.
  • As schools re-convene, we will offer direction regarding mentoring.
  • Do not recommence mentoring in schools prior to conferring with COACH national beforehand


All Coordinators and active Mentors are to be provided with the relevant instructions inherent within this policy.

Each program has the right to strengthen their practices beyond those articulated within this policy. No program has the right to fall below the standards articulated within this policy or the social distancing practices articulated by the Federal Government or your relevant State Government.