Financial COACH is a one-on-one, personalised financial mentoring program, which aims to support people to achieve their financial goals while acquiring financial skills and habits.

The first stage is 10 weekly (or fortnightly) meetings with the Participant followed by up to 6 months of optional and less formal support. You will discuss their goals, and direct the program around empowering them to achieve their goals.

You can expect to discuss their:

 • income & expenses

• debt

• saving and spending habits

• motivation

And assist them with understanding how to:

• start budgeting

• change habits

and much more

Financial COACH is a financial literacy and mentoring program aimed at supporting people to achieve their financial goals while acquiring financial skills and habits.
A Financial COACH Mentor will work alongside the Participant empowering them through support, education, fostering financial skills and habits as well as being an advocate with the end goal to improve their financial situation and skills.

Eight Step Implementation Plan

1   Initial Consultation

2   Community Assessment

3   Report & Recommendations

4   Appoint COACH Coordinator

5   Recruit Mentors & Invite Participants

6   Screen & Train Mentors

7   Match Participants to Mentors

8   Ongoing Support of Mentors

To find out more about the Financial COACH Program please contact Rob Cummings

Phone: +61 3 8527 3820


The History of Financial COACH

In 2013, Crossway LifeCare based in Burwood East, Victoria, initiated a pilot financial literacy program to empower people to take control and manage their money more appropriately. The program was designed to support the client’s social and emotional needs in order to see them as a whole person.

A core part of the program focused on financial ‘wellbeing’ which included coping with emotional stress, fostering resilience, and gaining motivation to take action. 

In 2015, Crossway LifeCare was successful in receiving grant funding from the Financial Literacy Australia Limited (FLA) grants program to support the ongoing implementation of the B-Empowered program. FLA is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2012 by members of the Australian government’s Financial Literacy Board.