Belonging by Mark Matthews

The desire for acceptance and the need to belong is a strong urge and drive within human beings. But what is belonging? How could it be defined?

Psychotherapist Carl Rogers characterises belonging as a subjective experience of yearning for connection with others, the need for positive regard, and the desire for interpersonal connection.

And why is belonging so important?

Renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow articulates the hierarchy of human needs. He suggests that having our belonging and love needs to be met is integral in seeing people realise their full potential.

So how does this fit with COACH Mentoring? How does this fit with the role of Spiritual Parenting in Empowered Faith Communities?

We know that great mentors and spiritual parents are wonderful role models, who are able to advocate and guide the people they walk alongside.

But above all they are relationship builders they invest in a relationship in a desire to create friendship that engenders belonging.

Mark shares what it means to belong in his vlog below: