A Kids COACH mentor provides one to one mentoring and relationship building for a primary school student or group of students in a school, during school hours, for the purpose of strengthening the student emotionally, educationally and socially.

The aim is to widen the circle of influence, speaking hope, offering practical help and a positive role model.

Mentors come alongside a child at school offering practical help and being a positive role model for 1 hour a week for a minimum of a 12 months. They assist children to learn positive social skills, have fun, reach their goals and build resilience.

The mentor can be a positive person who the child can:

• meet each week at school

• chat to

• laugh with

• play games with

• help with schoolwork

A student who was mentored said their mentor was "Very nice & caring, they were always looking for the things I do good, not my mistakes. Sometimes you feel like you just want to shrivel up into your corner, with a Kids Coach mentor you have someone there to help".

To find out more about starting the Family COACH Program please contact:

Sam Hearn 

COACH Network Director

04838 6428

Charmaine Vis (Australia)

National Training & Network Manager

0431 917 007